P&C / School Council

 P&C Committee 2021

Chair: Sharee Saunders 0428 112 263
Vice Chair: Lynn Waters
Secretary: Jess Atherton  0401 861 169
Treasurer: Alice Tucker 0409 803 052

Uniforms: Sharee Saunders  0428 112 263

There is a high level of community involvement at Jerdacuttup Primary School. School council, P&C, Jerdacuttup Community Association (JCA) and local businesses all contribute to and support our school. Our strong P & C Association has funded many major projects, some being an arts shed, library books, an iPad synching trolley and new playground equipment. The committee strongly supports the school’s Crunch ‘n Sip programme by running healthy tuckshops (please see program details in School handbook).

School Council

The School Council is made up of school and parent representatives and is involved in whole school collaborative planning.

Members 2021:

You may nominate for School Council by filling in the form.
– Louise Gibson (Teacher)
– Kier Douthie (Principal)
– Natalie Mollett (Community Member)
– Helen Burton (Community Member)
– Jess Atherton (parent)